The VC 11184, an Indian Ocean Surveillance Ship (OSS), being custom built for the Indian Navy by Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) (The shipyard was transferred from India’s Ministry of Shipping to Ministry of Defence on February 22, 2010), is on its way to completion just over four years after its keel was laid. The OSS programme is under the direct control of the prime minister’s office routed through the national security advisor.
The ship (yet to receive a formal commissioning name, as of now it’s using the designated yard number) will be the — “first” to be a “dedicated element” — in the second phase of India’s multi-tiered Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) architecture and also be deployed for duties to support India’s strategic weapons program.
The VC 11184 was floated out on April 25, 2016, at a ceremony. This was the first time when the HSL yard successfully undertook multiple float out of four different vessels (on the same date) at the same time in the “Building Dock”.
The ship cost around 15 billion (US$ 231.29 million) and has been designed in India by New Delhi-headquartered Vik Sandvik Design India Pvt. Ltd. (VSDI). In January 2016, a transitional rejig happened with respect to HSL’s Procurement Committee, which was reconstituted by the HSL board after Rear Admiral L.V. Sarat Babu, Indian Navy (Retd.) assumed the charge of chairmanship and the role of managing director at the yard. This led to the revision of financial powers of “Procurement Sub Committee (PSC)” to directly approve the proposals for the procurement of materials and equipment valued between 250 million (US$ 3.6 million) to 500 million (US$ 7.2 million) for the Project VC 11184 only.