Who We Are

Sarthak IAS has set benchmark in making aspirants successful and providing excellent learning platform where one starts “how to think” than just become rote learner. We are dedicated to make your dream come true.


Sarthak IAS is the brain child of the Director Mr. R Mohan who has 20+ years of experience of teaching for UPSC and State PCSs aspirants/ learners in Delhi and in Lucknow since 2002. He is an alumni of JNU which is one of the top institutes in India and an Ex- Registrar Uttarakhand also.

Proper Strategy

At Sarthak IAS we believe that these are 4 pillars of preparation on which the roof of success can be laid namely: Discipline Consistency Hardwork Smartwork We strongly believe that there is no substitute for hard work, at Sarthak IAS we provide a disciplined environment to ensure consistency in preparation under the guidance of our highly experienced mentor Mr R. Mohan.

Time Management

To say "I don't have time" is to say" I don't want to" -Lao Tzu

Are you Dedicated and Hardworking in your passion? Join Us!

If we start a journey towards our dream, there must be planning and motivation are essential with passion. Perfect guidance is compulsory to save time and help out around the aim and not be gadding about anywhere.

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