Foundation programme for 2 & 3 years for Civil Services:

SARTHAK IAS requires each aspirant to take 3-year Foundation Course after the 12th pass. This course is mandatory for Civil Services preparations. This is an Introduction to Critical Thinking, Great Books, Literature and the World, Indian Civilizations, Environmental Studies, Mind and Behaviour, Economy, Politics and Society, Analytical Thinking and Principles of Science. The Introduction to Critical Thinking Foundation Course is one which students take in their first year of preparation. It allows them to develop their critical thinking abilities both in discussion and, no less importantly, in writing.
These courses are not formal gateways into the Major programmes, but distinctive courses that introduce aspirants to the foundations of thought and various styles of thinking, and also to inter-and transdisciplinary approaches.
Other than Introduction to Critical Thinking which must be completed in the first year, students have the flexibility to choose the order in which they take the Foundation Courses but are advised to complete the Foundation Courses series early in the three years undergraduate programme.
The following table provides Foundation Course (FC), Introduction to Critical Thinking (ICT) and, Critical Thinking Classes (CTC) requirements for different undergraduate batches.
The following table provides Foundation Course (FC), Introduction to Critical Thinking (ICT) and, Critical Thinking Classes (CTC) requirements for different undergraduate batches.
In the Second year our centre of attention will be: Writing skills and handling objective type questions with personal improvement.
In the third year, our focus will be on: Economy, Politics and Society introduces students to the main currents of economic thought, the ways in which geography, history and institutions have shaped the trajectory of nations, and how basic concepts such as work and labour define both the individual and society. The important facts and events that have shaped economic development around the world, and influential theorists who have had a major impact on our thinking about the Economy, Politics and Society, will be discussed to help students understand the modes of reasoning that have been deployed in this field.

One Year Advance Program for IAS & PCS:

About the Course
The Advance Program by SARTHAK IAS is a One Year program for UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation. The course has been exclusively designed for Graduates with an applied approach for the preparation of UPSC Civil Services Exam. The structure for IAS Foundation Course has been designed in such a way that students coming from the different backgrounds can easily understand the demand of Civil Services Examination.

Advantages :

The graduate student has little or no idea about the structure and pattern of the exam. For such students, coping up with the preparation, in one year, simultaneously remains an intensive and herculean task. One year advance program has been designed by taking this factor into account. IAS preparation along with college studies has certain benefits:

Early preparation saves quality time in your career. Generally, students start their preparation after graduation and further preparation takes 2 more years.
Interaction with hundreds of toppers reveals that most of the toppers who qualified in their first attempt started preparation in the college itself.
Cracking civil services at an early age gives you better prospects in your career ahead.
Having more time helps you can choose your optional more wisely and identify your weaker spots and rectify them as soon as possible
More time for revision and inculcating an articulated way of answer writing
Structure of Course:

The course has been designed in a manner that will cover your entire syllabus. The course has been divided into modules and covers one subject at a single time. The course will be structured as per the need of the course. It has been structured into 3 Stages :

First Stage: Integrated Preparation emphasizing basics with an integrated approach

Second Stage: Answer Writing Skill Development

Third Stage: Revision and Assessment through Prelims and Mains Test Series

The program will emphasize clearing the doubts and one on one interaction with faculty members. Students will have the privilege to clarify their doubts over the phone as well as on a personal basis. This program will also ensure paying individual attention will and regular counselling and motivational sessions by mentors.