How profitable is it to bet on eSports?

You can repeat it again – eSports has long ceased to be an entertainment for geeks. To date, it shows excellent growth dynamics with a constant increase in the fan base. First of all, it is worth noting the colossal army of fans, as well as the powerful funding that e-sports has today.

Needless to say, the structure of eSports has little in common with classic sports (for example, football). However, the fact remains that a young audience no longer wants to be like young Ronaldo, she longs to repeat the successes of the captains of cyber sports teams in such popular disciplines as Dota, CS: GO, WoW and a huge number of other areas. Especially popular esports betting in USA! Among all betting sites we recommend esports betting usa

Public reaction esports betting usaSince the popularity of eSports over time continues to increase at an incredible pace, journalists confidently compare the industry with classic sports. This is not entirely correct, but the trend, when people around the world are learning more and more about eSports, is definitely positive.

They say numbers – so, according to available data, the NBA finals were watched by about 15 million viewers, while on the Twitch platform in one of the League of Legends tournaments, the number of spectators reached a staggering 69 million people.

According to the bold analysts’ forecasts, eSports, which has already occupied its niche in the modern world, will soon be able to outrun such subjects as, for example, water polo, chess and cycling.

Summing up

Perhaps the arrival of bookmakers in the industry is an extremely important step towards global recognition. There, where the sphere of interests of bookmakers extends, big money, sponsors and, of course, millions of spectators come.

Today, e-sports shows excellent dynamic performance – continuous development allows the betters to find very interesting betting events. The number of games in which cyber sports competitions are taking place is growing, more and more professional world-renowned players appear, whose fees are estimated at millions of American dollars.

Gentlemen, we are making history – we have a whole universe in front of us. And, perhaps, after some time, a new generation with great interest will look and bet on e-sports, rather than, for example, classic football.